About us

Knitting and Quinces is an international knitting club created by us (Melina (Australia) and Emma (Denmark)) to satisfy our knitting obsession and give us something to skype about. We’re two chemists who share a love of yarn, poached quinces (with cardamom please!) and tea.

Projects lined up for 2015:

January-April: Brandied Cherry

May/June: Adventures in Crochet (one crocheted soft toy.)

July/August: Surry Hills

Sept/Oct: Same-yarn-challenge (we will make projects of our own choice with the same yarn.)

November/December: French Cancan


The projects tackled in 2014 include:

January/February:  Jaywalker Socks in Gepard Strong-Art (Colour 933)

(Melina, Emma)

March-June: Sambuca Jumper

(Melina, Emma)

July/August: Water Music Shawl

(Melina, Emma)

September/October: Victory Hat

(Melina, Emma)

November/December: Capucine Hat

(finished projects still to come…)

(Dates, projects and yarn choices subject to our whims)

Want to join us? Got a suggestion? Just want to say hello? Contact us below!


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