One month and two days

Yep, that’s how long it takes to knit a Tucker on bus trips to and from work.


How’s that for public transport!


So it’s a little roomy (I knitted the size 36 which was the smallest on offer), but it definitely works as a warm and comfy sweater. I was dreading blocking it for fear of it growing into a monster, but I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled it on for the photos. The 12 ply k2tog decreases haven’t blocked out as well as I had hoped and I think I may have blocked a blip into both shoulders too.


I probably could have finished it within a month but I jinxed myself by commenting on how fast and easy it was and that’s precisely when I started having trouble with the cables. As much as I enjoyed the novelty of horizontal cables and no purl background I also ended up ripping back the yoke a fair few times too. That aside, the pattern was really great and a quick knit is always satisfying.

Unfortunately, the super speedy completion went straight to my head and I promptly went out and purchased yarn not just for one project but two instead. Admittedly, one of those projects will be a summer weight thing, but the other is all winter. And let’s not forget the project that I immediately cast on for either.


I’m just not ready for winter to be over – bring on the knitting!


4 thoughts on “One month and two days

    • Thanks Emma, yes it’s definitely cosy. You have ruined me and my socking knitting habits with your sweater influences! How’s Chris’s jumper coming along?

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