Finished things and knitting breakups

Winter well and truly struck Melbourne a few weeks ago. This left me in a bit of a state as I needed warm woolly things to help combat frozen over bus shelters immediately!

Enter my first pair of mittens:


(Sorry for the blurry photo, the charcoal colour really doesn’t photograph well.)


And they have flaps so I can actually do stuff like blow my nose when it starts to run in the cold.

The pattern is split mittens and it’s a free and fast knit using 12 ply. I modified it slightly by casting on less stitches for my midget hands and I probably could have been smoother with my decreases as both the thumbs and mitten cap are quite pointy. But overall I’m quite chuffed! I also used stash yarn, though I did need to buy a second ball for the right hand.


I also managed to get some dying in before the wet weather arrived. Alas I need to redo it as I now have 4 different shades of pink, but each of the 4 sides of the socks are all very close in colour so I’m confident my second attempt where I will actually follow the directions instead of winging it will be a success!

Now that my hands and legs are covered against the cold, the next obvious knitted items are of course sweaters! I fondly remember smashing out my owls jumper over the space of a few weeks back in 2014 (posted here) and I think it’s about time I did another bulky weight sweater. I have my sights set on the Tucker sweater and I reckon it’ll come together quicksticks! I also want to add another cardigan into the rotation with work and I’ve been fawning over this little minx for a long time now. Plus my Monday nights have just freed up with the seasons end of GoT…

In a stroke of excellent strategy fortuitous timing over the last few weeks, my favourite LYS, Morris and Sons, had their annual winter sale. Naturally, I promptly disregarded my ban on buying and purchased enough yarn for both projects.

It would appear as though I am now completely committed.

But the knitting gods are stern, cruel creatures. There wasn’t enough stock in store so I must wait for the yarn to arrive from the warehouse interstate, thus forcing me back to what I should be knitting, the whippet cardigan.


So let’s face the elephant in the room.

I’m normally one for monogamy with knitting, I really am, but it’s cold and a 4 ply drapey cardigan with a lace body just isn’t going to cut it. I’ve thought long and hard about this and although I do like the whippet pattern and enjoy spending time with it, I just can’t commit to it right now.


It’s not you whippet, it’s me. No hard feelings, right?



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