Thinking, out-thinking, thinking again then action!

Knitting progress has been slow lately. And it shouldn’t be, because I’ve started commuting daily again. Knitting on buses isn’t quite as peaceful as knitting on trains but I’ll not look a gifted horse in the mouth.

So why do I only have the most embarassingly small part of the whippet cardigan done a month into the project?

Well, I decided that I wasn’t going to start on the cardigan until I finished my over-the-knee socks.



Ta da! So I haven’t technically finished with them as I still need to try my hand at correcting the colour difference between dye lots, but the knitting part is done!

I’m still thinking about how best to dye them and have resigned myself to not having a perfect colour match or alternatively having a completely different but very dark coloured pair of socks for when I need to over-dye the crap out of them. The photo above really doesn’t do the difference in intensity of colour justice, as the front one is about 3-5 shades darker than the back sock.

Whippet progress has also been slow because I out-thought myself with the pattern. Emma warned me it was all kinds of complicated with crazy instructions and an even crazier number of needles required. Naturally, I first told myself “it’ll be fine, how hard can it be? I have plenty of needles, pick a rough size needle to start and she’ll be apples…”

The closer I came to starting it, the more I psyched myself out. I mysteriously misplaced a lot of my needles and spent several bus rides umm-ing and ahh-ing over which size to start swatching with. I also quickly read the instructions and decided to be completely confused by the order of construction. I knew I was over-thinking things when I found myself muttering “if only whippet were socks, I’d be ok.”

Then I remembered that this is knitting and you do it one stitch at a time. It didn’t matter if I wasn’t familiar with the order of construction or even cast on technique. As long as I follow the instructions (and youtube the waste yarn method of casting on) I will get there. And if not, well… at least I’ll have learnt a new technique and kept myself from licking the bus windows out of sheer boredom.

This all sounds very zen but wise words do noth a cardigan maketh.

In parting, I will now distract you with food:


Is there anything more glorious than a batch of freshly made scones?

And lastly:


My horde so far. I really should cook them up, but what if I can’t find any more for the year?


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