Best $5 ever spent!

I was planning on wallowing in self pity for coming down with my first bout of that disastrous illness, Second Sock Syndrome, but luckily my distraction indulging self decided to take a look at a neighbour’s garage sale yesterday and look what I found: IMG_3258

The 5-binder set of The Knitting Collection!


Specifically a 1983-84 issue!

You know what that means…


Aww yeah, check out that stylish early 80’s styling! Mohair AND pussybow blouses!


And instructions for knitting insects! The binders have a lot of good information in them, particularly stitch patterns.


I love the title of “more unusual lace.” I kind of wish there was a third sheet with “even more unusual lace” too.


The diamond dress caught my eye but I can’t tell if it’s actually alright or if my taste is just warped from looking at things like this:


Also, it appears that Cleo is a fan of the set too. (Warning: very cute images of a cat rubbing herself silly on the box of goodies below.)

As for the socks, I have a few long train and bus rides coming up but there’s still more than one normal sized sock worth of knitting outstanding.



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