Progress, actual progress!

I said that I wanted to finish my blanket and shawl before winter finished… and what do you know? I actually did it!

Turns out focussing on one thing at a time kind of helps. Who knew?


Let me tell you something about giant, multicoloured crocheted blankets.

They. Are. Awesome.

See? I’m using it now.


This has become my couch blanket, my bed blanket, my desk blanket… I’ve turned into one of those thumb-sucking children who won’t go anywhere without their blankie. So, yes, it took me a year to make but it was absolutely worth it. If I could go back in time, I’d probably make it slightly wider and less long, but the kit that I bought doesn’t really give you that option. The amount of yarn was super, super close. So close, in fact that this happened on the VERY LAST SIX STITCHESIMG_20160124_220059

Luckily, I hadn’t thrown out the trimmed ends so I could fudge it. But it was a very tense ten minutes.

In other news, I also finished my Campside shawl in Almerino Rooster. It grew to fantastically enormous proportions and is wider than I am tall. It is so big, that it is nearly impossible to photograph while alone.


Here, you can marvel as it is unartistically draped over my apartment fence.

I tried to photograph myself wearing it, but, guys, I am so bad at selfies. I either look like the sort of smug wanker who instagrams their fairy-light-filled-wine -bottles, or (and I quote) “slightly terroristy“. So, I took a photo of it in the wild, on a particularly wet, windy and miserably Monday morning.


(Yes, I usually look that panicked on Mondays)

Anyway, the shawl itself is pretty spectacular, warm, cosy, all encompassing. I highly recommend it, and definitely in a merino/alpaca blend.

After all this finishing of things, I am left with very few projects on the go. The slippers have been abandoned permanently. The very complicated socks are crawling along, as I have to relearn all of the weird increases and decreases every time I pick them up.

So… I’ve embarked on a new, long term project. A slightly scary one….


(Not the swatch, the swatch is actually very nice and not at all scary).

But I am risking the Great Sweater Curse, and have started swatching for a Robin Hoodie. Now, I am not a very superstitious person, (I was an actual, card-carrying member of several skeptic societies) but.. er… this one genuinely had me hesitating. I explained my apprehensions and very sincere promises were made to ensure that the worst (an unloved jumper) won’t happen.

On a practical level, the pattern and colour were chosen by the recipient (I chose the yarn, Cascade Heritage 150 in Pine), so I can take no responsibility there. On a superstitious level, I am going to make him knit at least a row of it, so it is technically a group project and not a gift. Curses work on technicalities right? Right?




2 thoughts on “Progress, actual progress!

  1. I LOVE the blanket! And the shawl! I also bow down to your WIP progress, I think I definitely have a case of second sock syndrome. If you have beaten the curse, I beg you, please do not tell Pete about it… But why does your apartment have a fence in the middle of a room?

    • An excellent question! My flat has a treacherous metre drop down the middle, so they fenced it off. If anyone tries to tell you about amazing Scandinavian interior design tell them about my fence.

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