New Year’s Resolutions

The title there is a lie, because I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. At least, that is what I snootily tell people when they ask me about my resolutions after detailing their new diet and gym routine in great and grandiose detail.

I don’t make “resolutions”.

This is true, but also not really. I set goals. I tell myself that “this year I am going to….”. I just don’t call them resolutions because none of them involve kale or tough mudder. (They involve “write more papers” and “submit some grant applications” and are therefore too boring to discuss.)

In the spirit of starting off the year with the very best of intentions, Melina and I have decided that our first “project” for Knitting and Quinces will be a WIP (work in progress) completion project. This is excellent news for me, as I found an awful lot of project bags strewn around my couch.


This pile includes:*


One house slipper, with about 2% of a leg part knitted. This pattern is free, but strangely written and I had to make a lot of changes for it to even remotely fit an adult foot. I don’t like knitting with chunky wool, so this got put to the side some time ago. I really want fuzzy, woollen slippers though…


This shawl, made from the orange silk Melina gave me last year.  There is no way known I will finish this in the next two months, but in the interests of full disclosure… here it is.


Yeah… another shawl. This one is the enormous Campfire, which I am making in a wool/alpaca blend for extra warmth and cuddliness. It is huge, HUGE I tell you. But, it’s a pretty simple pattern, so I can plug away at it on trains and buses. I really want this to be finished soon, because it’s a “little chilly” (*censored* freezing more like it) outside at the moment I need to be enveloped in wool. All the wool. All of me.


In a similar vein, I want to be wrapped in my crocheted Ripple Blanket right now. It, too, is enormous and far too big to photograph in my teeny tiny flat. I have about 5 stripes to go, then the borders and it will be finished. I am going to make this my at-home-priority because my need is great.


And last, but not least, my very overdue Cinnamon Scroll project. I chose to make the most complicated socks in the world and I’d like to show you.


These monsters are stranded colourwork, with all sorts of out of focus (sorry), twisty “cables”. There are actually no cables in these socks. The patterns are made only by well placed increases and decreases. It’s some sort of sock magic that I cannot explain. But it works. They are easier than they look, but you still have to pay pretty close attention to the charts. I knit this much over the Christmas break, where I spent many hours on German trains and had the time and patience to really get into them. Unfortunately, my real-work-job is not an easy one, and I rarely come home with enough brain power to continue. I suspect they may take me a while longer, despite how cool and beautiful they are.


This is the sole of the sock. They make more sense when they are on a foot, but I’m not putting my foot on the internet (ugh).

So… that’s a lot of projects. I think, if I can get the Campfire shawl and Ripple blanket finished before winter finishes, I will be happy. All is not lost though! I did finish a project this year!


These are Lumberjack socks, knit in ONION DK. As they are bed socks, they were immediately put to work and all reports were “my feet are so warm!”

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have some knitting to do…


*Does not include the projects I frogged because I was embarrassed by the sheer number of cast on but abandoned projects.


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