How high can you go?

IMG_3193For my final K&Q project of 2015, I wanted to prove to myself I could play chicken with yarn successfully. After losing the battle with several knitted items this year that ended up smaller than intended with ample yarn left over I said “Enough’s enough! I see you limited yarn quantity, and I’m going to win…”

So I got smart and made a pair of toe up socks.


And not just any toe up socks – knee high ones!

I had less than 1 g of yarn remaining and didn’t have to do a single rip back on the account of yarn shortages either. For my first sock I nervously kept knitting in the lace pattern for as long as I could bear before starting the ribbed cuff and kept that up until I had a teeny tiny ball of yarn left over. Normally when I knit socks, I divide my yarn into two balls using my kitchen scales  and start working with the ball that just scrapes in at the required equivalent mass (my scales only read to a gram, so not very accurate, unfortunately). That way I can be confident in having the same if not slightly more yardage with the second ball. However, I didn’t start knitting these socks immediately after weighing and had no idea which ball I picked up first, so I erred on the side of caution for the first sock. Good thing I did because I was half way through the ribbed cuff on the second sock when I ran out of yarn with the second ball. The photo at the top shows what was left over after completing both socks and I’m pretty damn pleased with how much I managed to use.


It’s always nice to end the year with a victory! Happy New Year!


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