Thieves and motherboards and the 1970’s, oh my!

Do you know what my most-hated thing on blogs is? Not when they put a million photos before the text so it takes forever to read on a tablet, not when the RSS feed is cut just before the last sentence of the post, not even bloggers shamelessly lift photos from pinterest and pass it off as their own (though, guys, don’t do that). It is “apology posts”. You know the ones, “I haven’t written a post in so long, I am so sorry but my *insert excuses/humblebragging*”.

I hate that. You write your own blog – post as often or as infrequently as you like. That said… Um… *shuffle* *cough* er… sorry I haven’t written for so long?

My excuse is that every piece of technology in my house died at the same time, so I spent several weeks without a computer or a phone. It took approximately 0.2  seconds for me to turn into a raging Millennial stereotype, whinging and moaning until my computer (and new motherboard) were back in my grubby little paws. (My phone is now on its third trip to Germany for repairs. Don’t sign up with Telia DK.)

So now I am back, I have internet, I have a functioning graphics card and I have no progress on this month’s project.

But I have excuses, she wails. And they are twofold!

As Melina mentioned, we picked the same yarn for this project, and made different things. I chose two colours, Burnt Cinnamon Scroll and Ghost. See? I was being clever and thought I’d make a shawl that looked like a cinnamon scroll! Genius! Except that it didn’t look at all like a cinnamon roll, and just looked like the worst of 70’s interior design.   I plodded away with it for a while, feeling increasingly dispirited. The colour doesn’t suit me, the pattern doesn’t look as witty as I had hoped and it was just a waste of wool, the pattern and my enthusiasm.


So I did a radical thing. I put it down. And I walked away.

Coincidentally, this happened the same time as thievery and treachery! In the form of bag thieves in Malmø. This left my excellent photographer/hand model without a hat. No knitter can allow cold ears to happen in their vicinity, so I have cast on the Irish Moss Toque to immediately rectify this disaster. (I have actually finished it once, but have ripped it back to add some more ear-warming-length.)


This served to remind me why I knit at all. Primarily, it’s because I derive so much pleasure and relaxation from this as a hobby. Secondly, it’s because keeping myself and the people I love warm makes me feel like some sort of needle-wielding Father (Mother?) Christmas. And right now there are interesting projects to finish and important feet that need to be warm. So, I am making the decision to let the 31st December deadline for this project come and go. I will still continue with the project (new pattern though!), but it won’t be done by the end of the year.


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