The Perks of Knitting

How do people cope without knitting? Or more specifically why hasn’t everyone in the whole wide world taken up knitting?

The other day I was stuck in the city for a few hours in between appointments and feeling a bit sorry for myself as the first such appointment hadn’t gone so well (stressful job interview, ‘nough said). So what’s a person to do when feeling down and needing to fill in time on a stinking hot day?


The answer is go to your favourite yarn shop and knit a sock! Okay, I’m cheating a little here, the image above was taken at home and not in store. Don’t worry, although I am extremely fond of my leopard print trackies, I would never wear them to an interview. Anyway, it was wonderful to be able to chat to the Morris and Sons staff, sit, knit and regroup.

Knitting also kept me sane on a recent 13 hour train ride. Yep, thirteen hours… It was supposed to be only 11 but there were delays and speed restrictions on my journey from Melbourne to Sydney so it blew out big time. As to why I caught the train and not a plane like a normal person would, well I’m pretty skint, hence the job interview. I was also more than happy to schedule in some quality knitting time as well.


Alas the person sitting next to me was a talker, so my knitting didn’t progress quite as much as I would have liked. I also caught the overnight train on the way back down in a bid to sleep off my sore derriere. I’m desperately hoping that when I wear the finished cinnamon lace beauties, I won’t have sentimental/nostalgic bum ache.

As to the socks themselves, these are my last K&Q project for the year. For the final project Emma and I decided to knit two different patterns using the same yarn in the same colour. We wanted to slurge on some really nice yarn and see how it would turn out when knitted up differently. The yarn is Blue Faced Leicester fingering weight wool from Dye For Wool in the burnt cinnamon scroll colourway, and let me tell you colour picking became a lengthy process full of careful consideration, random number generators and vetoing of outcomes. Go check out their colour selection and see for yourself just how hard it is to pick only one!

The sock pattern I’m using is loosely based off the Julia Socks pattern by Lene Holme Samsøe. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this here already or not, but Emma spoiled me rotten a few months ago by sending me a copy of this beauty:


Thanks again Emma for sending me down the most charming knitting book! Apparently beautiful knitting books are readily found at the local supermarkets in Denmark. I want to take up residence there now too! Only problem is the book is written in Danish.


Emma candidly wrote that knitting patterns are knitting patterns and that I’d be able to work it out with the help of some knitting translations sprinkled about the internet. And I was able to translate enough of it to work out  all the basic set up info i.e stitches to cast on and gauge per 10 cm, the lace pattern and leg shaping, as the socks are knitted from the cuff down. But that’s precisely where I stopped translating, because I made the executive decision to knit them toe up instead. Not because I was confronted with a slab of indecipherable text for the heel instructions but because I’m going to make damn sure that the socks are as long as I possibly can make them using only one skein and toe up is the only way to do that without playing yarn chicken.

I’m not sure yet what pattern Emma has decided on for her project, but I can’t wait to see what she’s working on! Other than knitting itself, the best part of being a knitter is having knitter friends and knitting friends are pretty awesome.


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