Post Procrastination


I have a confession to make: my French Cancan shawl has been finished for several weeks now and I’ve been avoiding writing it up. Initially I told myself it was too hot to model and photograph, but then it became clear I was actively avoiding the task, I even came down with the Spring Cold providing the perfect excuse to huddle up on the couch and do nothing but watch Are You The One? On that note, excuse the blurry/generally bad images, I’m still in sick mode.

Truthfully, I was disappointed in how my Cancan turned out, it’s a lot smaller than what I had imagined it would be. But as the end result is all my doing, here’s where I stuffed up.

I didn’t have as much yarn as required so I decided to err on the side of caution and stop short of the recommended 200 stitches but I ended up with about 30 g of left over yarn, roughly 10 % of the original amount. It’s frustrating, but certainly a lot less frustrating than not having enough yarn to complete the border and being forced to rip all the way back into the body to try again. Ripping back and adding more to the body to get a larger shawl crossed my mind only very briefly, I don’t think it would make much of a difference and I would end up begrudging every single restitch. I love the fact that with knitting you always have the option of redoing something however, as you can probably tell, I am loathe to actually do so unless absolutely necessary. I think it’s a patience thing, or lack thereof.


I have a feeling the shortness also comes down to my choice of yarn, a coarse 100 % wool, that didn’t open up upon blocking to give a light and airy shawl. From memory when I purchased the yarn over a year ago, the person said it would block beautifully, but I’m really not sure what was reasonable to expect here – blocking is still a mysterious and magical phenomenon to me.. I’m also a tight knitter so this might have been the big issue with blocking/nonblocking. Anyway, my Cancan is now a very dense and rustic shoulder throw, or perhaps just an oddly shaped short scarf. I really have no idea how to make this look chic but I’m trying… And yes purple on purple is totally legitimate!


I’ve had the Cancan in my ravelry queue for such a long time and I guess I had built up my expectations about it. That said though, I feel like most of my projects recently have been marked by a common theme: yarn shortage, both perceived and real. Remember the recent touch-and-not-so-go Surry Hills? Or the real heart-stopping, edge-of-your-seat action of the mighty Sambuca? Even the Hippopotamus of doom came close with some of the colours. A big part of this problem stems from my commitment to stash busting. It’s tough when your forced into playing chicken with a limited amount of yarn that was stashed years ago and originally earmarked for a different project. So let my disappointment be a lesson, always buy more yarn than you think you will need, then buy an extra ball or three lest you develop a bad case of fear of running out of yarn with your next project!


One thought on “Post Procrastination

  1. I’m sorry this didn’t turn out as you hoped! It still looks lovely, and maybe you can wear it as a cowl-type thing under a coat?

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