(I have been waiting months to make that pun. Months.)

The story of what I’m about to show you begins with me suddenly waking up from a nap, demanding to know exactly how awesome it would be if the world contained mittens that were also dalek handpuppets.


The answer is: significantly more awesome than it was six weeks ago.

So, in what is really a lesson in why I need to be kept occupied at all times, I set about designing a pair of dalek mittens. They had to include all of the essential dalek characteristics, plus be snuggly enough to stand up to a Danish winter.

i are good at paint

That reads (clockwise from top left): head lamp, evil, eye stalk, grilles, weapon arms and lumps. I am better at daleks than I am at Paint.

I dropped by Uldstedet, my yarn shop of choice, and picked up whatever I could find in dalek-esque colours. Thankfully, Denmark being what it is, the shop is absolutely full of greys and browns. I chose this alpaca yarn for a list of very serious yarny, knitty reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it was on sale.

Working out how to make a dalek into a mitten was a little more difficult than I had anticipated, given that I have never actually made a pair of mittens before this. They needed to be highly textural, so the little lumps and grilles and whatnot all stood out.

Daleks are evil in all three dimensions.

So, with a bit of colourwork, a bit of ribbing and far, far too many bobbles, my little daleks came together. There was a bit of a hitch when I realised I didn’t know how to do the decreases for the top, and then I accidentally made two left gloves. It also took several weeks, three craft shops and a wise assistant to find the best beads for the head lamps and eyestalk.

I am extraordinarily happy with them though, and have taken to terrorising all of the Lego figurines, and my photographer.


(Many thanks to Chris, who not only agreed to take the photos but has put up with me making dalek noises at him (nonstop) for the last few months.)




4 thoughts on “EXTERMINKNIT!

  1. You are such a dag! Love the mittens 🙂 Bet they would take off if you could remember what you did and get the pattern online!!

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