Better Late Than Never, Again.


While I did not finish this Surry Hills cardigan by the end of August as per our K&Q time line (damn that hippopotamus shaped time sucking vortex!), I did finish it several weeks ago. Well, that is if you consider buttons to be an unessential part of the finished object. Not sure why, but I really dawdled when it came to putting on the buttons. I blocked the day after finishing up all knitting, very early on in the day as evidenced by the early morning shadows, but there was a good week or two between having a dried cardigan, buying the buttons and another week in putting them on.


Not having buttons hasn’t stopped me from wearing it though, or moving on to the next K&Q project either, but more on that later. Overall, it is a very wearable cardigan and I probably will get a lot of use out of it in the next few months. However, I’m not overly happy with the fit of it. For a start, I was going for full length sleeves, but they have ended up sort of too short bracelet length instead. The upper arms and shoulders are also tighter than expected too. I was expecting to have slight negative ease with the size I made up, but I feel like the lace is straining a bit too much in places. Now I’ll admit I didn’t do a swatch at the beginning as I should have, so it’s likely all my fault, I am after all a tight knitter. However, the pattern does have a reputation for running small on ravelry. Now the reason I didn’t swatch was because I only had a limited amount of yarn and I knew I would be cutting it fine with yardage. Turns out to be less fine than I had originally thought as I have 1.5 balls left over so instead of using over 600 m, I’ve come in below 550 m. I’m almost tempted to rip back and size up, but my knitting time is sparse so I might just have to live with it as is.


In between avoiding putting on buttons my very important daily tasks, I’ve started on the next K&Q project, the French Cancan. Alas I’m not as speedy as Emma, but I have finished the body and made some headway into the border. I might be cutting it fine with yardage for this as well so I decided to only work to 190 stitches for the body. The yarn I’m using is Ardwinna an English Leicester cross Merino 8 ply from Moseley Park, who are a South Australian company that raise sheep, get the yarn processed in Victoria, then dye it back on the farm. I came across them at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show last year and am quite excited to finally be using their wool and can’t wait to see how it blooms after blocking. Better get back to it then.


What are the craft chores you put off?


2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never, Again.

  1. I am putting off knitting thumbs onto mittens. Too fiddly…

    The cardi looks lovely. Mine doesn’t fit properly over the shoulders either, despite my swatching.

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