Getting carried away

Sometimes, I get completely carried away. I get swept up in the excitement and start squeaking. Hedgehogs are the primary cause of this.

The last few weeks however, it has been my French Cancan project, which I finished in a record ten days. And I only knitted once in my office at work (at lunchtime, when no one else was there. I’m not completely mad… yet).


Since I had so much free time all the sudden, I decided to take it down to the park and take photos of it hanging on branches like a Real Knitting Blogger. But apparently, Real Knitting Bloggers live in places were it doesn’t rain constantly… so I compromised by hanging it on the bush that grows outside my front door.

That freaked out the neighbours a bit.

So the photo session was cut short and resulted in photos of me looking confused in my kitchen,

DSC00612 (3)

I had two 100g skeins of Eden Cottage Yarn’s Titus DK, one of which went into the garter stitch body, and the other to the knitted-on border. I would up with quite a bit left over though, and I wish I could have used all the yarn. It seems like such a waste of a beautiful yarn.

The border was a little tricky to get the hang of, as most of the lace is worked on the wrong side, with the cable on the right side. However, it only took a few repeats to memorise the chart and then I sped along.

It is the perfect size, shape and level of squishiness. I love it, and may never take it off.


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