It’s a cruel, cruel world

It’s that time of the year again, quince season is officially over in Australia and Winter has just gotten colder. No really, the promise of Spring was shunted aside for another cold snap over these past  few days, but the idea of waiting at least 6 more months for new quinces chills me to my bones. Dramatics aside, this is the last of my quince stash:


And I’m paralyzed over what do them with them. My quince mince pies last year were such a success, I’m sorry I ever doubted you Nigella, so I think I’ll hang on to the best of the basket and prep the mincemeat for that in a few weeks time. But I’m stumped over what to do with the rest. Normally I would chuck them in the slow cooker and freeze portions to have with pancakes, or slice and roast them in the oven to eat as is, yet I’m tempted to make quince paste and Emma mentioned a teacake modified with quinces instead of pears and I’m determined to have a delicious quince cake. But THEY ARE THE LAST OF THE SEASON!!!!!

It’s a tricky one. I’m hoping my pasta lady might have more quinces. She mentioned the last time I was in store that her brother-in-law has a tree that was laden with so much fruit he was giving it away. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here or not, but one of my goals in life is to pick quinces. It’s a lot harder to cross that off the bucket list than you might think. A quince orchard near Melbourne decided to rip up all the quinces and plant something else instead, all without updating their website(!) and another won’t let the general public pick their own fruit for fear of damage to the trees, while the only other quince tree I’ve seen gets locked down with tarp the moment fruit forms, selfish bastards. Alas, a trip out to Maggie Beer’s orchard is a little out of my bank balances reach at the moment. I once asked Pete if we could get married in a quince orchard, he said yes but when I suggested Maggie Beer’s farm he told me he didn’t want an interstate wedding. I would have dumped his unadventurous behind there and then but we quickly settled on the Barossa as a potential honeymoon destination. For the record, I am not engaged nor intending on being so any time soon, but a girl’s gotta make sure she’s compatible with any potential suitor, right?

Anyway… the other source of doubt I’m faced with is the Surry Hills cardigan. I’ve knitted the bodice and started the first sleeve. I’ve done all the increases and my first sleeve is still quite short. Now I’m guessing I’m to work in pattern until the sleeves are the desired length then add them to the body, but there is no instructions about this for either the sleeves or the body. In fact it reads like you join the sleeves to the body right after you finish all your increases and here’s my dilemma. I haven’t knitted a gauge swatch. I have no idea how much this wool and pattern will stretch. I’m guessing not much vertically, since the lace should stretch out more horizontally, but I’m starting to think that perhaps the body as is, is a bit short. I’m tempted to add some more repeats to the body to give more length, but my other problem is I only have a limited amount of yarn. Yep, this is the discontinued yarn of doom.


In the back of my mind, I have already resolved myself to ripping back to the sleeve joining point to either add or subtract length to the body if I have left over or not enough yarn. Forewarning blog world: this cardigan is unlikely to be finished on time. I blame the hippo.


2 thoughts on “It’s a cruel, cruel world

  1. Let it be known that I’m bagging that idea! Mwahahah! Now I just need to find one close by that will let the public in. Oh, and get Pete to agree to actually rock up to the ceremony… I also want bowls of quinces as table decorations for the reception, can you imagine how wonderful the room would smell?!

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