There’s a Hippopotamus on our roof…


Ok, so he’s not really on our roof but indulge me here for a moment.

I did actually make a cake this week with intentions to cut a slice for him, but alas I forgot to take a photo (read: it took almost three hours to bake cleanly because it was an iffy oil based recipe. After such extensive baking, the cake had a very thick “crust” around the outside and I refused to take the damn photo but did renew my vow to never make up another oil based cake recipe again! What is it with oil cakes?!)


So, the hippopotamus. Well, all of Emma’s frustrations with her dinosaur were echoed on this side of the world too. By the end of June, I had all the individual african flower motifs made and I really thought it would only take a few nights at the most to assemble him, so I decided to hold off posting until I could gloat over my finished object. A few nights, ha!


It took forever! I even banned all telly watching while crocheting in a bid to get it done faster, because surely my telly watching was responsible for the slow progress. Nope, that didn’t improve things. It turns out that all this talk of crochet being faster than knitting is a bunch of crap! Probably circulated by greedy and ruthless multinational hooking corporation conglomerates. So for all those knitters out there that are tempted by the apparent “swiftness” of crochet – don’t believe the hype!

With that unsavory foray done and dusted, here’s the next K&Q project:


Surry Hills! And yes, I’m pleased to say I’m using stash yarn for it too! The yarn I’m using is Lana Gatto Super Soft 10 ply and I’ve had this kicking around for quite a few years. I had originally earmarked it for an Andi Satterlund  Agatha cardigan, but changed my mind to this stunning sculptural beauty by Cookie A. Only problem was I didn’t have enough yarn and my LYS stopped stocking the Super Soft. So I did what any grown woman would do and left the yarn sitting in my stash hoping it would miraculously multiply on its own while I sulked about my devastating dilemma. FOR SEVERAL YEARS. I actually moved radial back into my queue and even selected the Super Soft for it this year in a bid to really will it to grow more. Sheepishly, it was only a month or so ago that I realised the yarn was perfect for Surry Hills.

So yarn stash busting: 1, my yarn growing magical powers: 0, lurking danger: always present.



5 thoughts on “There’s a Hippopotamus on our roof…

    • Thanks! With a face and a belly like his, it’s pretty easy to forgive him for the agony caused in putting him together.

  1. He looks lovely. I made a dragon & I felt like a contortionist sometimes crocheting the bits together. He’s fantastic , yes they take ages to make

  2. Thanks and your dragon is awesome btw! I hear you on the contortionist feeling too, I read somewhere in the instructions to use the crochet hook like a knife and I imagine it must be a lot like performing heart surgery.

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