Death to the dinosaurs

66 million years ago a mass extinction occurred that wiped out the dinosaurs. Current theory is that something hit the planet and the resulting “impact winter” killed everything.

I have a new theory.

The dinosaurs died because they were a PAIN IN THE NECK to make.

My house has been filled with the african flower crocheted motifs. I find them between couch cushions, under the fridge, in my bed, in my shoes… Everywhere. They are everywhere.

THEN, you have to crochet them all together.  I wanted to show some progress posts on this project, but I couldn’t. I just… I just couldn’t put that on the internet. You see, with dinosaurs you start with their tail, and then their two back legs.

It does not look like a tail and two back legs. 

It looks like I’m trying to make one of these.  (Um… use discretion before clicking that link).

Anyway, you continue to crochet these damn things together for the rest of eternity and you eventually reach the point where you can stuff it.

“AHA! I can show progress on the blog now!” you say to yourself.

Guys, guys… stuffing it does not help.


So, you continue to crochet and stuff and crochet and stuff and one miraculous day, you sew up the last seam.




Wait. Don’t stegosaurses (stegosauri?) have back plates?


DSC00556So, spend another week making millions more little pentagons and sewing them to each other.

Realise they curl too much to sew on.



Sew… realise you don’t have any dinosaur eyes… sew buttons on because there is no way this project is going to take ANY MORE OF YOUR LIFE.


Ta dah!

Here he is, hanging out with my dinosaur doona cover


Finally, finally, I can get back to knitting. Crochet is a perfectly valid hobby and I have no judgement for people who choose to spend their leisure hours crocheting.

But… knitting 4eva.


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