Woolly Canadian Adventures

When planning holidays abroad, most people organise transport, accommodation, tourist activities. I, apparently, now check for yarn shops before I go anywhere. My recent trip to Canada involved a lot of hastily booking airbnb/bus tickets/etc while loitering outside Starbucks and scrounging their internet, but I had the opening times of all the best yarn shops written down weeks in advance.

I’m ridiculous, I know.

The upside of all of this is that in return for watching four basketball games, I dragged Chris to several wool shops and because he was bored and had a camera, I can now show them off to you.

La Maison Tricotée



Not the easiest shop to find, but absolutely definitely worth it because they had the brilliant idea of including both a cafe and a bored-boyfriend-friendly couch. Additionally, they had such beautiful yarns and very, very helpful and lovely staff. I wanted to stay there all day.



I was very happy, (and very full of poutine).

I indulged a little bit, but saved my spending money for Romni Wools in Toronto. Best decision ever.

You guys. This shop.



This shop.


(That is me exclaiming “so squishy!”, which is not an attractive word to be caught in the middle of…)

This madness goes on for two whole floors. TWO WHOLE FLOORS. I was (relatively) well behaved and left with only a few beautiful things, which I cradled protectively for the rest of the afternoon.

Long story short, if you are ever in Toronto or Montreal, go shopping.

For now though, I have some crochet to swear at (when the deadline goes whooshing past tomorrow, this post is my excuse), and some more packing to do… because I am spending next week on a boat in Majorca. (Can you take knitting on a sail boat?)

PS. All photo credit to (the very patient) Chris. I’m sorry I made you touch so much wool.






One thought on “Woolly Canadian Adventures

  1. Love it! I was oohing and ahhing at every photo, which is not something I recommend doing with a mouthful of tea… Can’t wait to see what you ended up getting!

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