Slow going

Winter has finally arrived and with it comes slow cooked meals.


It also normally brings  a flurry of knitting too, but the current K&Q project is a crocheted toy. Alas, crocheting a hippo just doesn’t feel as snuggly as knitting up a jumper and I’m starting to consider breaking my vow of crafting monogamy. Even Pete requested a handknit jumper! Well, until I told him about the sweater curse and managed to convince him it wasn’t just an excuse. My time to knit/crochet hasn’t improved much over the last month so it’s slow going.


(Sorry for the out of focus photo.) I’m getting faster at making up the flowers, but my tension isn’t very consistent and I get the sneaking suspicion I’m not holding the yarn in my left hand correctly because my hand soon becomes a witches’ claw. Emma mentioned her worries about not having enough yarn, as she’s also using Victory leftovers, and I must admit I’m starting to side eye my yarn too…

In other news, I have a very proud announcement to make: I have not gone to the Clegs Remnant Sale! It started on Friday and I have purposely avoided the city. Clegs remnant fabric pieces make up the majority of my stash at the moment and I want to desperately go past and pick up more fabric wipe my stash out clean. Morris and Sons are also having their winter sale, I’m tempted to buy yarn for the next K&Q project, Surry Hills but I already have some yarn that would be more than suitable for it that I really should use instead. But, there is another project I think I want to start soon that will definitely require more yarn…


Is it crazy to knit your own tracksuit pants or out-of-this-world awesome?


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