Knights and pine cones

May has slipped past far, far too quickly. June brings a holiday and limited knitting time, so I have been very busy trying to get things done before I leave (tomorrow. “Things” does not include packing.)

In procrastination, at least, I am successful. I have finished my Pomme de Pin!

I knit it in Rowan felted tweed, which was a bit of a mistake. If you look carefully, you can see that I am covered (!!) in tiny white fibres, from this damn yarn that sheds more than my cat. And that is really saying something. It also breaks if you so much as glance forcefully at it, which resulted in a lot (!) of ends to weave in. It is very cosy though, and I kind of like the grumpy-librarian aesthetic of it.

I blocked all the pieces very dutifully, and it looked a little like the skin of some horrible winged creature. (No winged creatures were harmed in the making of this cardigan. A man did get gently (and 90% accidentally) poked with a knitting needle on the bus, because he thought that he could stop me knitting by placing his newspaper in my face. He was wrong.)


In other May news, I had my birthday last weekend, which I spent eating cheesecake. I get in trouble for saying it was the best cheesecake I have ever eaten. Instead, I’ll just strongly imply that it was (it was), and add that after this picture was taken the rest of the cake was eaten straight from the tray with spoons.

birthday cakeI then got to see something completely different:



Namely men dressed in full armour attacking each other with blunt weapons. Not fake attacking each other either – the dents in those helmets are not cosmetic. Denmark’s knights failed to defend Valby from the barbarian hordes, so I slunk off to taste mead instead.

Now I really do have to pack (read: choose knitting) for my holiday! A two week tour of Ontario’s yarn shops! (If I get my way, it will be anyway…)




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