A photo finish!


With one day to spare! Admittedly, the freshly cast off collar needs to be blocked down, but it’s done. And I love it! Perfect fit, comfortable, squishy and very, very cosy.

It looked a little small while I was knitting it up, but it blocked out very easily, and on a very fashionable towel…



Seaming was remarkably quick, given all the seams were straight lines. A dropped shoulder design does have its advantages!



I do have a couple of qualms about the pattern though. I love Thea Coleman designs, and this is a beautiful jumper.  However, the ribs on the front and back pieces didn’t line up….



Four years of a PhD have knocked any perfectionism out of me, but I can see this being very frustrating for the more pedantic of knitters.

My other little gripe is that the pattern is written entirely in imperial units, which I find incredibly frustrating. Especially in a pattern that was otherwise so professional and well tested.

Anyway, I am off for an exciting weekend away and have to pack! I need a new knitting project for the train… hmmmm… to Ravelry!


4 thoughts on “A photo finish!

  1. Do you want to skip wherever you’re going on your weekend away and help me finish mine, please? Kidding, sort of. It looks beautiful and I’m once again relieved to read it blocks out nicely, here’s hoping the Empire will do so too!

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