Brandied Cherry progress

After the fighting words of my last post, some of you may be thinking ‘so she can talk the talk, but can she walk the walk?’… well I give you a progress update:


As you can see I’m probably just over half way through, there’s still a little bit left to do on the back, then the sleeves and finally putting it all together.

Not very promising since I now have less than ten days left of the calendar month. But before you call the knitting police to come and slap me on the wrist, let me explain.


We got a second cat! It took a few days to introduce Tommy the Cat to our first cat in residence, Cleo, but now they get along quite well. She grooms him on the odd occasions where he happens to be sitting still.


And educates him in the art of being a sneaky, up-to-no-good feline.


We adopted Tommy the Cat just before Easter and alas his arrival also impacted negatively on my ability to pump out hot cross buns like a boss. Instead of my usual 4 doz. each of traditional and chocolate I only managed a measly 2 doz. each, disgraceful.


That photo was taken after rigorous quality control of the first batch of each variety. Having less buns baked has meant that my store of chocolate doughy goodness is already completely depleted and that makes me sad. Oh the sacrifices one must make!

But I digress.

Tommy the Cat is about four months old and has strong kitten tendencies. As such knitting is almost impossible around him, he chews at the yarn and claws at any loose ends. But he does keep my neck warm, so swings and roundabouts.


It’s not all excuses and cute kitten diversions no action around here though, the weather  on Sunday was cold, wet and windy. We even had hail!


And it was glorious! I declared it a total day of knitting and settled in on the couch. Give me a few more days of such weather and this sweater will be done and dusted.


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