I have officially Made Progress (TM)* on my Brandied Cherry jumper.



Photographed in rare evening sunshine – an excellent indication that the weather has improved to the point where I will not need this jumper….

Those of you who know me in the Real World may be wondering how I would fit into that jumper. I’ll admit, I’m also a little worried. I’m knitting it at the correct gauge, at a size with four whole inches of positive ease and the pattern repeatedly reassures you that it will stretch. It is still the cause of some anxiety as there is no way in hell I am ripping this back.

I made this stunning and miraculous progress despite a lovely Easter weekend in Stockholm. I did take my knitting along, with the enthusiastic encouragement of my local Hand Model.



Partners of knitters everywhere: this is always the right thing to say!

In Stockholm, besides freezing half to death and eating a lot of cake, I managed to cross something off my See Before I Die list… I saw a moose!




(Genuine look of mooseish excitement)

Also some baby boars and a bear:



But mostly moose!


* As defined by my own, completely arbitrary rules


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