March, where have you gone?

Something happened in March. When the calendar ticked over, I made a resolution to myself to make more time for that bloody sweater knitting.  You see, after the bikini my knitting mojo sort of took a beating. I had the first of a pair of socks on the needles and I had misjudged how much yarn I should leave for the foot.


Evidently not enough was left. Bloody top down designs you get me every time; either too much left over yarn or not enough to finish.

Then there was the sweater. The sweater that I spent much of November and December planning for and eagerly awaiting to start in the New Year.  The sweater that I started to swatch for on the very first day of the year and then promptly ignored for the rest of January and all of February. How can such longing stagnate so quickly?

But during March, I decided that if I wanted the jumper finished in time for the next K&Q project I had best start knitting. Only problem was I didn’t have my usual public transport knitting time and my other hobbies were much more appealing to me.


Yep, that’s my bra on the internet. But I made it and it fits and it’s wonderful!

Then I remembered Audible. I quickly purchased several books and settled in on the couch with knitting in tow. I also endeavored to go more places on public transport and brought my needles everywhere I went and any time I was in a queue out came my needles. I even decided to get up at 6 am one morning just so I could spend two hours waiting in line for the launch of a cosmetics brand at my local shopping centre.


There were 35 people in front of me and at least 60 behind me by the time the store opened, but I was probably the only one who actually enjoyed the queue. Who says knitting isn’t rewarding?


Slowly but surely I have made progress. Look out April, I’m keen to get this done!

Do you procrastinate on your knitting projects or is knitting just procrastination for everything else?


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