The slightest hint of Spring

If you squint really hard, ignore the sleet and wish with your whole heart, you can almost believe that Spring has arrived in Denmark.



In a fit of optimism, I’m washing my heavy-duty winter knitwear ready to put it away for the year. Even I know this is a bad idea, but it’s too late now. I am surprised by what I wore the most this winter: my Capucine hat and a simple 1×1 rib scarf I made out of an wool/acrylic mix from the local craft shop.





I’m told that the hat made me very easy to spot at busy train stations, and the ear flaps were marvellously warm. It is a bit difficult to keep on your head when it’s windy though.

I’ve been doing a bit of knitting too. My Brandied Cherry is coming along very slowly. I had to rip back about 10 cm last night, and that has dampened my enthusiasm. To be honest though, I’m not the biggest fan of knitting cables. I love wearing cables, I love looking at cables but I’m not great at knitting them.


So I’m relieved that the back of the jumper is fairly simple. It is lovely though, and has a beautiful weight and squishiness to it.

As a bit of a break, I’ve picked up my Pomme de Pin for out-and-about knitting.


I’m not sure why, but I find lace much more public-knitting-friendly than cables.

Finally, I did make the cardamom scrolls from the Pom Pom magazine. And oh my god. They are the most delicious product of my weekend boredom. I fiddled with the recipe a little, and made them using the “no-knead” technique (because kneading bread is worse than knitting sleeves), and filled them with extra cardamom then glazed them with a quince glaze (because we are knitting and quinces after all).





One thought on “The slightest hint of Spring

  1. Those scrolls look absolutely delicious! And the tulips are stunning too! Love the tag names too. Fingers crossed Spring comes quickly to you.

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