A little something to read

want to show you pictures of my Brandied Cherry progress, but to be honest, there wouldn’t be much to show.

However, last night I got very exciting things in the mail last night!

I treated myself to a subscription to Pom Pom magazine, and my first issue arrived yesterday. It was all wrapped up in tissue paper with a personalised thank you note. PERSONALISED!

It is a beautiful magazine, with a Scandinavian theme (I didn’t know that when I bought it, but was very excited to realise I knew the words). I have already earmarked a few patterns:


Image from Ravelry

and Fika:

Also from Ravelry


Most excitingly for contributors of this blog is a recipe for Cardamom Scrolls! Which by all the knitting gods, I will be making next weekend.

Admittedly, it is fairly pricey for a slim magazine, but it is full of gorgeous photos, beautiful patterns and a lovely little essay on Scandinavian style. Keep an eye out for it!


FYI: I bought this subscription with my own hard earned science money. All opinions are my own and swayed only by the fact that they wrote my name on the packaging. 







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