Quiet progress

There isn’t a lot to report from this part of the world. February isn’t a particularly nice time of year in Denmark – everyone is fed up with the winter and the hygge of the holidays is long gone. So it’s a pleasure to retreat from that in the evenings, put on hand knitted socks and settle in on the couch.

By no means, does that imply that I’ve made satisfactory progress on any project, mind you. Just that I’m enjoying plodding along.

My Brandied Cherry is, at least, underway. I have finished the first repeat of the cable pattern and like it a lot more than I thought I would. The twists in the ribs make it all very squishy and comfy-looking, though I fear it might cling a little too eagerly to one’s muffin top…



The central panel is less complicated than it looked, although I still need the chart to help with the plaited cables.



I should probably get a move on with this though, as April is not that far away. I was asked on the weekend how long it takes to knit a jumper. I casually waved my hand and said “oh, a few months, if you knit an hour or so a day”. Optimistic much?

I have been distracted a little by my ever-growing blanket though, which is a lovely thing to work on/under.



I have paired it with my Jaywalker socks, for this important photo shoot. I’m also not thinking about weaving in the ends. Shhhh….


One thought on “Quiet progress

  1. I casually waved my hand and said “oh, a few months, if you knit an hour or so a day” – priceless! I really do need to get a wriggle on with mine, unfortunately it’s supposed to be going back to hot weather tomorrow…

    I thought I had convinced you to get the purple wool though, or was that just yarn fumes playing with my memory?

    And loving the blanket too!

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