Happy belated ‘Straya Day!

Now I’m not generally one for displays of patriotism, but I must admit there’s something about this blog that brings out the ridgey-didge side in me. I like to think I put it on for the sake of Emma being so far away and likely missing home on occasion, but it’s probably more likely that I am actually sliding further down the bogan scale (my collection of AC/DC and Midnight Oil records has substantially grown over the years).

Anyway, I had lofty plans this Australia Day and they were to make a pav and watch the cricket.

Unfortunately, the egg whites I had been saving up just for this occasion developed mould, admittedly they had been in the fridge for a while, so there was nothing left to do other than stoop to store brought meringues. However, it would appear that every bloody man and his dog at the local woolie’s had similar ideas and the only meringues left by the time I got there were the little mini ones. So pete and I had fancy pants “deconstructed” pav instead. It was delicious.


According to my in depth study (sample size of 2) either passionfruit or strawberries are essential pav toppings, without either one it isn’t really a pav (with the exception of the non-fruit variation of crushed peppermint crisp).

As for the cricket, the Australia vs India ODI was cancelled after a few overs due to rain up in Sydney. “Rain in Sdyney…” says you, “Surely that cold snap would make for excellent jumper knitting weather?”

Um, about that, my progress on my Brandied Cherry is exactly where it was at the last post as I haven’t yet finished the bikini. And as to why my needles are still tied up with that project:


I promise that at one point I had actually finished all the knitting and crochet, I had even woven in all the ends. Alas when the recipient tried it on, there was an unsightly kink in how the back covered her bum thanks to how the shaping abruptly stopped, I didn’t take photos but the back shaping as per directions can be seen flat here and on one game knitter, only my kink was a lot more pronounced, way too pronounced for my OCD liking.

It really shouldn’t take too long to finish off the bikini but alas my life is currently in a state of this:


Now I’m off to shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture…


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