Hygge: Part One

The Danes have a concept called “hygge”. It is one of the first things you learn about when you move to Denmark, and something that stays with you forever.



The nearest English word for it is cosiness, but hygge is more than that. It’s about friends and family, food and drink, warmth and light. The things that make the long, dark and miserable winters pass a little faster.


It’s wine and cheese with old friends.


It’s hot chocolate and a book when it’s raining outside.


It’s mulled wine (gløgg) at a Christmas Market.

DSC_0018It’s warm hats with pom poms.


And it’s making something warm and colourful.

Basically, if Julie Andrews would sing about it, it’s probably hyggelig. I have been absent from the blog recently because I have been indulging in a little hygge. My cold nights have been spent with warm people, delicious food and a glass or two of gløgg. As Christmas approaches, I hope that you are able to do the same.

God Jul!






2 thoughts on “Hygge: Part One

  1. God Jul to you too! and thank you for sharing this heart-warming ‘hygge’ Christmas story 🙂

  2. The hat looks amazing! And the progress made on the blanket is astounding! If this is how you are spending your time right now, I’m definitely going to have come over next year and experience hygge with you!

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