Finished items, but not that kind…

So, you know how last time I was getting a bit cocky, saying how quick my knitting was and that I’d soon have another finished item? Well, the knitting gods love to put mere mortals back in their places. I may have given into the temptation of casting on a new project and polygamous knitting does not make for finished items. Thus I do not have a knitted finished item to show you today.

Unfortunately, my daily knitting time has also been severely reduced as I’m no longer sitting on a train for two hours each day. It does not matter that my rationale for casting on said new project was that I currently didn’t have any suitable train knitting on the needles.  Anyway, I’m at home at lot more now so if I feel like spending all week day in my trackies, I can. But, if I’m not knitting then what the hell am I doing, you ask?




Scrolls, biscuits, slices and, most recently, quince mince pies!


Um, I meant to take a photo when they first came out the oven a few days ago, but I may have been too busy stuffing my face instead. And what was left of the dozen was quickly scoffed up today so crumbs it is. But I did take a few photos of the mincemeat when I made it up a few months ago.


This is what I did with the last of my quinces and ever since then I had been worried about having wasted them as I was absolutely convinced they were fermenting in the jars. Thankfully, they weren’t and they make the most delicious mince pies I’ve ever tasted and the ones at the Vic Markets are pretty damn good. So thanks Nigella for the recipe!  Being a crazy quince lady has it’s perks.


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