Blink and you’ll miss it

Most people would not consider knitting to be a terribly quick way of producing an item of apparel, but I beg to differ.


Case in point 1. Our last shared project for the year is the Capucine. For some reason I thought this was a December only project, I don’t know why, but Emma reminded me the other week that we should really make a start on it. So I started it on Thursday and lookie here a finished object. I wanted to use up some stash yarn for it, the quick among you will notice that the yellow and orange are in fact left overs from the Sambuca that I held double with spare grey wool from a scarf. Indeed, I was hoping to add the third Sambuca colour, a hot pink, to the hat as well in the form of the tassels, but looking at the finished hat, I realised I should have knitted the ribbing in pink to avoid the tassels looking like a tacked on after thought. Ah, hindsight.

Anyway, it was a bloody quick knit. Emma had made it before and told me so, but about an hour or two into it, I was starting to think she must have a looser definition than I. But it positively flew off the needles after getting to circular knitting section, so I’m sorry Emma for ever doubting your knitting wisdom. And once the hat was done, the fun really started…


Actually I was talking about pompoms, but Pete couldn’t help himself and tried it on. Backwards by mistake. Hilarious. It’s like a wig/medieval head armor thing. In his defense, it also looks good the right way around.


But, enough oogling of the opposite sex/red shoes Emma! Pompoms!


My first pompom. So proud. I can now see why my myotherapist used to make a lot of them as a kid. To clarify, my myotherapist is a dude, a very blokey dude too. He has several brothers, no sisters, so his grandma taught all her grandsons to knit and make pompoms as children. Apparently typical brotherly rivalry kicked in so the brothers used to compete to see who could make the biggest/fastest/smallest. What this means is that he always asks me what I’m currently knitting while waiting before my appointment and is genuinely interested. It’s great.


Case in point 2. A knitted bikini top. This one I started last weekend with diligent swatching, then one cup with crocheted edging. Monday on my train ride in I cast on for the second cup and had finished it with the edging done by the end of the train ride home again. Very quick knitting people! Admittedly, the crocheted straps take a bit of time because it’s fiddly. And yes there will be a bottom to match.


This has come from a few hours knitting today, that’s the front on the left, not the back, for shame! Admittedly, the back will be a bit on the revealing side, just not that revealing. Anyway, the set is a mate’s birthday present. Her birthday was in March. Yes I am that terrible of a gift giver. There will be plenty of left over yarn, enough to maybe knit up a second set for me. It really is only my duty as a thrifty knitter to use up any remaining yarn, right?


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