One swatch, two sleeves and a bag of regret…

Disclaimer 1: The title of this post is a lie. I do not have any regrets regarding the content of this post.

Disclaimer 2: Back in the day there was a terrible song called “Blue” which was about a blue guy who lived in a blue house etc etc… I just want to be clear that I do not, in fact, live in an entirely yellow world. My camera is just depressed at the Danish winter (er… autumn, but shhhh, don’t tell the camera).

It has been a pretty busy week, so I don’t actually have that much knitting progress to show. Except that I bought wool for a new lace cardigan, pomme de pin.

DSC_0005It is, you will notice (Melina), not blue or grey. Rather, a sort of camel-shade of brown in a Rowan Tweed. I quite like it, although it is a little more orange and less tan than I had hoped. Still, I think it’ll look nice all knitted up.

Now, look:



How many sleeves do you see? TWO. Yes! I finished sleeves! I am a knitting champion. I will attach these to the grey-jumper-that-will-never-end this week, knit a neckband and start wearing it. Just in time too, as the cold weather has arrived.

Okay, small victories aside, let’s talk about not internet-shopping when you’re stressed at work. Don’t do it. You wind up with these sorts of packages arriving on your doorstep (to the delight of your friends who will make “impressive package” jokes for the rest of the afternoon):



Inside, you’ll find two things. One is the tool of the Dark Side.


The other is an enormous packet of brightly coloured yarn.


How did this happen? How does a postdoc who has three papers to submit by the end of the year intend to crochet a blanket?

All valid questions. It happened because it’s grey and miserable outside and I have a strong need to curl up on the couch with things that are colourful and warm. So, blanket. And if you’re cruising the yarn craft blogs while you’re supposed to be proof-reading, you wind up making impulse purchases of bags of things that are warm and colourful. Damn you, Attic24 and your neat ripple blanket kits. As for how I intend to actually achieve this…. well, I have no answer for you. But please refrain from “I told you so”s when I whinge about having to get rid of an unfinished blanket kit next time I move.



One thought on “One swatch, two sleeves and a bag of regret…

  1. I love it! All of it! And yes you are a knitting champion, don’t let that manky hook try and blow wind up your skirt otherwise!

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