When the going gets tough, the tough get socks!


I like sock knitting. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with always having a pair on the go. For a start, they are a small and very portable project so you can take ’em anywhere. Socks also aren’t forever. This is a sad truth at first but immensely liberating when you realize that this means you can never knit too many socks. You can, at least in theory, never have too many of the same colour either, whereas there will come a point, probably after the second one, when you have too many hot pink, or yellow sweaters. Hell, even too many grey or blue ones (Emma, I am deliberately not looking at you when I write this, but still.) Socks can also be as complicated or as simple as you like and that’s all I’m going to say on that point as I feel I am probably in breach of plagiarizing the yarn harlot at any minute. She too is a sock devotee and probably the undefeated champion of the cause. Finally, anything you can do when knitting be that techniques or materials used, you can do when knitting socks. Ok, so lace socks made out of cobweb mohair and silk may not be practical, but damn, they would look shit hot!

So enough said. Socks, they rock. See what I did there? Yep, I went there, alas no, I have never knitted with socks that rock, but really for doing that pun I should at least be given a free skein or two. Please…?


Anyway, things are a little crazy here with uni, so after finishing the victory hat, I went back to my beloved sock knitting for extra comfort. These are a pair that I’ve had on the needles since the start of March but I kept putting them down to work on other things. I blogged about these socks early on in the peace when they originally started life as another one of cookie A’s patterns clandestine. Turns out I did prefer to rip back and change to a pattern I’d already made up before being pomatomus than continue on with the linear clandestine. I quite like the way they turned out, almost enough for me to stop hating on multicoloured yarn, but not quite. The multicolour really does amplify the fish scale imagery of the pattern though.

So one pair of socks off the needles, a girl’s gotta have another pair on, right? Well as much as I want to cast on for a new sock project, I finally ripped back the first in a pair of lovely lace stockings to the ankle after realizing they would be a bit too tight and I had also mistake around there. I started these probably in July 2013 and I don’t like drawing out projects so I should get a wriggle on them. That said, the socks might need a little too much concentration than what I want right now, so I might start another pair after all…

What I have started though and really should focus on, is a long overdue knitted bikini birthday present. I’m using Cascade’s fixation yarn, that has elastic in it so it holds its shape in use since I think the bikini will actually be used in water. I think the pattern will need some tweaking to fit more to this girl’s taste though, I’ve only started swatching so I’ve still got time to think about any mod’s. Perhaps if I start another pair of socks that will give me more time to ponder the bikini and more thinking time can’t hurt, right?


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