Victory! (and quinces)

I have good news! My completely out of control knitting project list remains completely out of control! BUT, I did finish two things (*cough* and added two more… I have a problem. I admit it.)


Most importantly, the Victory hat has claimed (sort of) victory. A few things…

1. Apologies for the terrible photo. It’s November in Denmark…. The Dark Times have begun and it’s very hard to photograph things under my energy-saving light bulbs.

2. I loved knitting this, colourwork is much more fun when it isn’t the Sambuca. However, I found the yarn to be really splitty and my double pointed needles weren’t quite long enough for the job, so I lost stitches a few times. Melina is smugly nodding her head here – she is a magic loop girl through and through. In this particular case, she may be right. I concede…

3. Blocking this was much more complicated than I had imagined. Dinner plates in Denmark appear to be much smaller than whereever the pattern writer is from, so my first attempt was laughably small. I then cut up a shoe box and tried to make my own blocking thing. A little more successful, but still a bit small. Either that or my head is enormous.

4. The downside of colourwork is the ends. ALL THE ENDS.


I think it looks a bit like a very colourful jellyfish. I was a little reluctant to touch it after thinking that…

In other news, you may have noticed that my hat o’ victory was leaning against a bowl of fruit…


YES. I found quinces! I actually bought the entire supermarket’s stock of quinces with a look of pure joy on my face.


They’re a little bit small and were picked a bit early, but I’m not complaining. Not when I have a pot of quince on the stove!


Maybe autumn isn’t so bad after all!


One thought on “Victory! (and quinces)

  1. Quinces!!!!! ARGGGH! Ok enough capitals. It seems the quinces have finally disappeared from supermarkets here and migrated north. Stock up while you can, stalk the supermaket where you found them and keep buying them all. BUY THEM ALL! Sorry, I’m a little over excited for you.

    Also, love the jellyfish hat and your trepidation to touching it. Your head isn’t enormous, I can post you up my kindergarten plastic dinner plate if you like, you know the one where you had to draw a picture then they morphed it into an indestructible dinnerware embarrassment forever encapsulating your childish artistic skills…

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