Tooting my own horn to the victorious sounds of water music!

Ah, so many references crammed into that title. I feel I could have come up with something wittier, but lots to tell so let’s get cracking!

So, as Emma eluded to in her post about our most awesome day of fun, I finished the Water Music shawl! Ta-da!


I promise it’s only wonky because the photo was taken after a few weeks of repeated wearing. See here’s me blocking out properly with wires and dodgey alphabet foam mats.


And who should come strolling right into the midst of the action…


The alphabet mats are a recent addition to the household, specifically purchased for the water music and I completely understand now why society seems to be infested with ill educated, bratty kids. There were only 24 squares. There was also two mats each of S, T, and U…

Anyway… I was meaning to post about the shawl since blocking it a scant few days prior to Emma and I’s catch up but I wanted my pride over it to settle down a bit first. Only, I’m still really bloody pleased with it. You see, one of the things Emma and I talked about, in between patting various adorable animals and squishing wool, was that we both have really enjoyed this knitting project we started here. It’s made us try things we might not have attempted before and forced us to learn new skills. A lace shawl is something I probably wouldn’t have attempted had Emma not suggested it. Don’t get me wrong, I think lace is pretty, shawls are practical and combining the two can make for some stunning pieces, but I kinda thought that lace shawls weren’t really my thing.  Little did I know how much I would wear it and how proud I am of it. This is easily the most impressive thing I’ve ever knitted.

Well, actually…


I dunno, now that this little fella is also finished, I’m kinda pretty proud of my victory hat too. I went to my local monthly sewing/knitting/crochet/whatever craft night on Friday and at that stage I was just starting in on the centre yellow section and all the other knitters there made oohing and aahhing noises about the colourwork, exclaiming how hard fair isle is and how they could never do it, much to my growing embarrassment. To which I responded in an off hand way saying “it’s not that difficult, you just need to learn how to knit with both hands.” Then one of them looked me dead in the eye and said “Stop it, you know it’s impressive.” And it is, but it’s also not that difficult once you know how to do it and get a bit of practice in. But, I admit I was shaking in my boots a year ago when Emma and I decided on this pattern. That’s why we started the fair isle with the Sambuca jumper instead of diving straight into this one. Actually, I also needed a kick up the butt to get over my sweater dreads so the Sambuca had two purposes.

What I’m getting at here is I’ve loved this project, I may not have loved every minute of the knitting itself, water music I’m looking at you, but I’m really looking forward to next year. Emma and I have decided that the lack of cables this year will definitely be corrected with a project from a fine fleece not sure which one yet, but it’s go big or go home and it’ll be made out of some sort of rustic heritage wool for good effect. We will also have a crochet project to learn some new skillz and I think Emma will push for that crocheted dragon. We might try something different where we both get the same yarn, something really luxurious, but knit two completely different patterns. And I can’t remember what else we settled on. So if you want to come along for the ride we’d love to have you with us. If you have any suggestions about project types or patterns we’d love to hear/read them too.

In parting, what’s something you made recently that you’re proud as punch of? And here’s a rather blurry, sorry for that, image of the cat strutting her stuff with the victory hat more as a blanket than as a hat. She has so much spunk sometimes that it hurts.



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