An autumnal dilemma…

The best kind of dilemma. I have too many projects on the go. Like, way too many. A comical amount. I am actually ashamed… (but secretly thrilled).

You see, the weather has turned in Denmark. Gone are the grey, rainy days of summer and the grey, rainy days of autumn are here. Well, the greyER, rainyER days. But you can tell it’s autumn because it is now dark when I leave for work, people have cracked out the big coats, fungus is sprouting from every available surface and I have the overwhelming urge to sit on my couch in the most unattractive clothing I own and knit.


See? Fungus. (As much as autumn makes me want to go and pick mushrooms with my grandparents, I won’t be doing that here. I only eat wild mushrooms that my Pa has given the thumbs up to. I aspire to something more interesting than “ate a poisonous mushroom” in my obituary.)

Okay, so I have miserable weather, check; leggings and an oversized hoodie on, check; a ridiculously large cup of tea, check; knitting… well, what to choose? These are the current options:

1. My Tiverton. I started this before I moved to Denmark… The shame! But it’s cold and I desperately want a grey, cabled jumper.


I bit the bullet and knit a sleeve (and you all know how I feel about sleeves) and lightly blocked it, basted the sleeve in and tried it on. Not bad… a bit short but hopefully that will block out. I should really knit the second sleeve. But I hate sleeves.

Speaking of… look who has come out of the Naughty Corner and is ready to have their ends woven in and a good blocking?


2. New lace shawl (Seraphim).

So, not long ago, Melina sent me a surprise parcel with a gorgeous orange silk yarn, and some unspun blue wool in it. The orange is so beautiful and, well, radiant. Maybe that’s a cliched way to describe it, but it really is. My camera just can’t handle it.


Gaze at that in awe! (Look at that distressed wood! This is some pinterest quality stuff here!). When I was in Australia, I enlisted my sister to help me wind it into a ball.


It’s gorgeous and slightly variegated, so I chose a big triangle shawl that is mostly stockinette that will show off this beautiful yarn. I’ve cast on, but am having slight needle troubles. I had to replace the initial knit pro needles I bought for it as the tip had snapped, and the second ones have a gap between the tip and the base. Just enough for lace-weight yarn to get stuck in. Very frustrating…


3. Cast on my other new wrap…

While browsing Miriam Felton‘s patterns (Seraphim is one of hers), I came across and fell in love with the DeStijl Wrap.  Not my usual thing, but I love it. So I went back to Morris and Son’s with Melina and bought up big. My justification for this is that I can use the extra colours for other things once I’m done. In reality, I’ll get at least two shawls out of this so MY PURCHASE IS THOROUGHLY JUSTIFIED AND NOT AT ALL EXCESSIVE. AT ALL.


I just cannot wait to get into this, but I need to wind them into double stranded balls and… ugh. I don’t have a ball winder and don’t really fancy doing all that by hand. I am currently trawling ebay for second hand ball winders in Europe.

4. Something from my new hand-spun!

The other half of my package from Melina was a beautiful merino in my favourite colours.


I wanted to try spinning it myself, so I got Mum to get her spinning wheel out and fought the cat for the right to use it.



But I’m pretty new to spinning, and have real trouble getting the tension right. I was ruining this gorgeous wool and I was getting upset about it. So, Mum (the master spinner) saved me and spun it up. Just quietly, I think she loved it.

It turned out beautifully! And now I have a decent amount of this, approximately 8ply handspun merino to use.


I’m thinking of using it as the accent colour in a colourwork yoked jumper. Something like this, but in navy.

5. My Victory Hat

I started this almost as soon as I got back to Denmark and am absolutely loving it. Colourwork with this finer yarn is so much fun! So fun!


And that is absolutely all of my projects not counting the bag of green wool I bought to make a new jumper that is sitting and staring at me.

What’s that?

No, there’s nothing shamefully hiding in the corner. I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Oh. In that Panduro bag.

OKAY FINE! I bought more wool today…. I know, I know, I have more than enough to do. But I have reasons.

See. I bought a new coat today, which is gorgeous and has a lovely big shawl collar but it’s navy. And none of my scarves go with navy. So I need a new one.


But it’s huge yarn and huge needles so it’ll knit really quickly. And I need it. Promise.

Well, my tea has gone cold so I guess I’ll go and make a fresh one and settle in with my Victory. It has to be finished first anyway.


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