Melodious Water Music

The quicker amongst you may notice that today is not the first of September. It is, in fact, a week later than that and yet you still haven’t seen my finished Water Music Shawl. I want to stress that this was actually finished in August. Really. I promise. Cross my heart…. But I had to go to a conference in Germany so I didn’t get a chance to block it before I left. (Can I really call it finished if it wasn’t blocked? Yes. I can. Which is why my unblocked Sambuca is totallyfinishedandidonothavetotouchit. Shhhh….)

So, without further ado:



Ta da!

It’s actually really difficult to photograph because the silk slips over the wooden floor and it is impossible to a) lay it flat, b) find a section of floor without a rug big enough and c) photograph in decent lighting. So this is the best you’re getting.

I really love this, it is so beautiful. The yarn is gorgeous but my god, does the dye get everywhere! I had to wet block it (yes, I know, silk loses strength when wet. I looked it up, it’s because the water interrupts the hydrogen bonding between the amino acids. Interestingly, heat and ethanol don’t. Science.), and I gave up trying to get all the extra dye out. I’m a bit worried that it will end up making all my clothes blue, but we’ll see. If I can’t wear it, I’m happy just to have it sitting somewhere  for me to admire. I’m actually thinking of making another one in a heavier wool as a lap blanket. That’s how much I loved knitting it.

Our next project is the Victory Hat. We haven’t even begun to discuss yarns, colours, plans… I can’t wait to get it started though. I love hats.


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