The Return of the Knitting Mojo

My knitting in the last few months has been pretty scarce. The threat of those bloody sleeves was hanging over my head, and the thought of handling wool when it was approximately a million degrees in my flat was too much. So I set the needles aside. Half finished projects are scattered around the flat in bags, stuffed under my couch or hidden in my wardrobe. Have I even looked at my half-finished Tiverton? No. Is the beautiful gift I have to have done by September untangled and restarted? No. Have I finished and blocked my Sambuca? No.

And that is where the Water Music has come to the rescue. I love knitting this shawl. Everything about it is perfect. The yarn is so beautiful, (although, it does dye my fingers blue and I see it out of the corner of my eye and panic that I have frostbite/anaemia/some other deadly disease), the pattern is clear and easy to follow and lace is just so much fun. So much fun. Suddenly, I want to knit again.


It’s hard to photograph, as it is all bunched up on the needles but I think you get the idea. I’m reaching the end of chart two, about half way up the third leaf motif. I still have a lot of yarn left though, and I’m wondering whether it might be worth extending the border a bit. I don’t want to waste any of this silk.

But for now, I have to go and vacuum my flat. You don’t really notice how gross your floors are until you’re on your hands and knees, trying to take close up photos on it.


3 thoughts on “The Return of the Knitting Mojo

  1. Emma this is gorgeous – I can understand why you have your knitting mojo back 🙂 Forget about the damn floors and indulge yourself.

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