Late starts and almost finished items

In my head I have already written a post quite a number of days ago celebrating the fact that it is July and with July comes a brand spanking new project for Emma and I. Alas, the post was never actually written and Emma beat me to the punch to talk about starting the Water Music shawl and now you have a really long single post. One day I am sure that the productivity I imagine in my head will firmly manifest in the real world and when that day comes you can refer to me as the Great and Mighty World Dominator.

Ahem, anyway… So as Emma has already mentioned we ordered a skein each of Tussah Silk from Dye For Yarns and the link there is to the exact same colour (poisoned by love) I purchased if you feel inclined to be twinsy with me, I also forgot to take a photo of it before winding it so do take a look at the link for skein prettiness. And quick there’s only one more left!

In perfect timing, my yarn arrived on the 30th of June and, with a great deal of willpower, I left it until the following day to wind it up into a ball about the size of a small child.


Winding the yarn into the ball took FOREVER! I chalked this up to the fact that there is almost a kilometer of yarn here and the longest skein I have ever wound before would be half that at most as I have never played with lace weight or major lace projects like this one.

Now, I’m a simple kinda girl, no fancy ball winders here and when I started knitting from skeins it never occured to me to use a chair etc., so I just drape the skein over my knees, draw off a couple of meters at a time and start winding. This results in scenarios such  as these:

IMG_1510 IMG_1511

I’m sure some of you are probably cringing or waiting patiently to tell me that I’m on dangerous grounds here, what with a possible snarling tangle or the ever present lurking feline with sharp kitten claws. But usually I am ominous ball winding event free. Usually.

IMG_1515 IMG_1514

This happened right towards the end when it was starting to collapse upon it’s flopsy self like Hugh Grant’s fringe. And it was a nightmare! I was ready to be done with winding it, an hour before this happened, because yes that’s right, this took almost two hours to wind and untangle and I just wanted to go to bed but I couldn’t because I had to stay and finish what I started, much like Aveindha unweaving a gateway.

Yep, I just dropped two references that may well be at polar ends of pop culture but both coming from exemplary models of each genre. Really, is there a better Hugh Grant film than Notting Hill? If so, I desperately want to know about it. Hold it, Love Actually is a close tie, albeit the limited screen time should make it null and void but his dancing through the homestead makes up for that.

Moving right along, conquer the giant skein of doom lace I did, and then I promptly shoved it into a plastic bag inside another plastic bag and kept this double bagged beauty inside the drawer of my coffee table because one can never be too careful with a certain someone around. See the evil scheming in her eyes as she see’s me finish winding:

IMG_1516             IMG_1536

Thankfully, when Cleo did get into the drawer, she pulled out my decoy ball instead. I kid you not, there’s my decoy on the right and the morning after winding the silk, this ball was a good foot away from the coffee table sitting out in the middle of lounge room. In plain sight because she wanted me to know she can get to my yarn whenever she chooses to. It was exactly like a horse’s head in my bed, only less bloody. I am on a (chicko) roll tonight! Ok I’ll stop now.

My cat also has a habit of hiding passionfruit all over the house.

It’s almost two weeks into the month and I only started to knit last night because I’ve been caught up with other knitting. At the same time as Emma had her sleeve problems with the Sambuca, I had my own. When I finished the Sambuca, I went straight back to my beloved socks, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to knit another sweater, so I pulled the Gabriela out of the UFO pile, finished off the two front pieces in a flash and started on the first sleeve. And although I was knitting for the same amount of time each day as I had been on the front pieces, my progress was slow. Really slow. I felt I wasn’t making any progress and I could feel my motivation slipping.  Admittedly it’s a cropped negative ease cardigan, so the full sized sleeves truly are the largest pieces, but it still felt like one of those nightmares where the more you try to run the slower you go. I just needed to finish the first sleeve, I told myself, get that done and the second will fly off the needles! I know many people get second sock/sleeve syndrome but I have the opposite. The first is the killer. It’s where you start to learn the pattern and stitches required if knitting socks and for me that takes a while. Whereas the second one, really goes much faster in comparison. And true to spirit, when I finally finished the first sleeve I dove straight into the second and if I blink a few more times, I think it will almost be done! Needles to say, with that possibility who wants to start a new project and stall in progress on an almost finished object ?

But start I did last night and after a few movies and a trip in and out of the city, here’s my progress:


Ok, it’s not great, I’m up to row 25, but it took me a while to get my head and hands into lace mode. Lots of mistakes and rip backs because I’d forgotten where I was in the pattern and which row I should be following. My advice, count and keep counting every row and repeat. I know, so ingenious an idea with lace, but it really does help. It’s also a very interesting experience for me knitting with 100 % silk, I’ve always knit with wool or wool blends before and this stuff isn’t soft, elastic or smooth to have in the hands. But the sheen and colour are absolutely beautiful though and I can’t wait to see what happens upon blocking.

To make this post even longer than it is, I did promise a photo of me wearing the Sambuca last time so here it is:



It’s a really warm comfy sweater that I do wear a fair bit. As you can see from the photo it is a tad short in the waist, not quite as short as the photo would lead you to believe from my low slung trackies and long top, but I don’t wear it out of the house unless I’m wearing my high waisted jeans.

To finish up, do you have any odd knitting  quirks and working habits? Or pets who would rather toy with your sanity than yarn?


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