Ding dong! The Sambuca is complete!




Okay, is isn’t really *finished* in the sense that it still needs the ends sewn in and a very good blocking… but the knitting is finished, the sleeves are finished (!) and it can now be shoved into a corner until cooler weather comes around.

As much as I whinged about this project, I did actually like it. The wool/alpaca was so nice, it’s a beautiful colour, I think it’ll fit well and be warm and cosy during a looooooooooong Danish winter. It perhaps wasn’t the best project for summer though.

ANYWAY! With that out of the way we can move onto more exciting new projects. But first… 20140614_123125I

I had to wind the prettiest skein of yarn I have ever owned into a ball. Without the aid of a swift, a ball winder, or a helpful assistant. This took me over an hour, got blue dye on everything (including my nose…) and resulted in an enormous ball of shiny, shiny silk


So pretty. But to give you a feeling for the size, here it is next to my house key:



I foresee chasing this damn thing all around my lounge room in weeks to come….

It is gorgeous yarn though. We bought it from Dye for Yarn, and got the tussah silk in fingering weight. I chose Ex-Peacock and Melina will show your hers soon too. So, I’m excited to get started on something that is not my *colourful adjective* Sambuca but the view outside my window looks like this today, so I’m going to the park instead.





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