The sad tale of Emma and her sleeves

I am a bad knitter.


A bad, bad knitter.


But, I have an excuse. See, I was happily knitting away and finished the whole body of my jumper. And then this happened:

20140415_203818Followed by a bit of this:


And then I went here too:


And Denmark started looking like this:



So, my knitting got tucked away beside the couch and other life was lived. That’s a bit of a lie. What really happened is that I got to the sleeves… and I hate knitting sleeves. I particularly hate knitting sleeves using the magic loop. Melina has tried many, many times to convert me to the joy of the magic loop, but I think I will always be a double pointed needle girl.

I got a burst of inspiration last week though, and sat down to finish the damn things. I got to the colourwork and could not (!) get the tension right with the magic loop. I tried, I failed, I tore back, I tried, I failed… I threw the whole thing on the floor and some multilingual swearing may have happened.

In the interest of my mental health, I have decided to knit plain sleeves and to just finish the jumper already. This is exactly how it looks right now.



It doesn’t deserve to be laid out nicely or photographed with anything better than my phone.

Little blue bastard.




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