You know your a knitter when…

I had a wedding to go to last night and said wedding happened to be on the complete opposite side of the city from me. This presented the usual logistical challenge of any such event namely, how do I get there and back home again without compromising my ability to make good use of a free bar? The public transport in Melbourne is as follows: trains take you from the centre of the city in roughly straight lines radiating out towards established outer suburbs, trams usually start at one very inner suburb and cross the cbd to take you to an opposing very inner suburb, and buses go all over the place in a bid to connect up the neighbouring but isolated adjacent suburbs.

For most of my time in Melbourne, I’ve lived on the fringe of the cbd and could basically walk to anywhere I needed to go, or fork out twenty bucks if I needed to cross over the cbd. As you can imagine, trams were my friends, some may call their routes limited, but I found them quaint and charming. Moving out to bayside, I had to get over my tram snobbery and embrace the mass market, cold and clinical train system. Really, if I wasn’t a knitter, I don’t think I would enjoy the commute at all. But basically my public transport preferences have largely shunned the buses with their grimy interiors and unpleasant school bus memories.

Until yesterday. The 903 pretty much picked me up around the corner from home and dropped me off just down the road from Heidi MOMA, where the wedding and reception was held. It was a perfect solution to my alcohol transport woes, right? The only catch was that the journey took roughly two hours each way. To clarify, I live about 30 km from the centre of the city, and Heidi was maybe 15 km the other side. If I was less lazy I could maybe run that distance in less time. Ok, maybe not, I haven’t crunched the numbers on speed needed because I am that lazy.

BUT, the important thing to remember here is that, going via a combination of trains into and back out of the city with possibly a bus and a tram thrown in for good measure, I could have cut the travel time down substantially and I might have avoided a bus completely. But I choose not to, because this gave me a legitimate four hours to sit quietly, in one place, to get my sambuca on.

This knitter means business

This knitter means business

In those four hours yesterday I finished up my body and started on the first sleeve. I also witnessed a lot of “colourful” characters, overheard conversations about someone who just left a pretty violent brawl and was taken on the scenic route to every major shopping centre on the east side of Melbourne. But I would probably do it all again, definitely with headphones next time, just for the precious chance to sit and knit.

Speaking of public transport and knitting, I meant to upload a blog earlier in the week with less text and a few photos of me doing some proper colourwork for the first time in my life, which I learnt on the train during peak hour commuter rush.


That’s my old iphone case since I was learning off youtube clips. How great is the internet!? Not only can the male species watch porn, but any crafty minx can look up a few clips and voilà stranded colourwork!

Progress has been a bit slow on the sambuca, admittedly I’ve been sewing a lot instead. There was a costume needed for last week’s hen’s party and of course a new fancy pants dress for the wedding too. Photos of both to come in a future post. However, the weather is starting to get consistently cooler and there’s no more sewing deadlines looming so sambuca time it is.

Luckily, I have a little helper who appreciates knitting time and wants desperately to eat the yarn help out…



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