Unsuccessful selfies and a successful stole

So, I had this post written up and came home to find that a) Melina had beaten me to it and b) we’re up to the same point in our Sambucas and I needed to take some photos to prove it!


Turns out, I’m really, really rubbish at taking photos of myself in the mirror.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Exhibit B


This goes on for about a dozen more photos….


Exhibit C

Exhibit C – Good enough


I learned two important things from this little adventure.

1. Selfies are way harder than I imagined and teenagers should be given more credit.

2. If you wander around your flat in half a jumper, your landlord will choose that moment to come and drop your mail off. It’s a good look.

But, excitement! Our jumpers are coming along nicely! I knitted mine with the recommended amount of ease, and it is also a bit big in the back. I think that will all work out once it is finished… I hope so anyway. The pictures on the pattern look like the back is pretty big too.


Admittedly, my Sambuca has been languishing on the couch recently because I have finally finished my Cold Mountain Stole.  Finally. I have been knitting this damn thing for over a year and I am sick to death of it. That is not to say that the pattern isn’t great (it is) or that I don’t totally love it (I do!), but man, am I glad it is finished!


Speaking of blocking, Melina…


This is it, very aggressively blocked on my yoga mat. (Heh, “yoga mat”… I’ve used it maybe twice for yoga) That gives you a fairly good sense of scale – it is exactly the size of the yoga mat.



Unfortunately, I only have pictures in poor lighting because it is dark when I get home these days. But one day soon, I’ll take it outside and photograph it in all of its lacy glory.


2 thoughts on “Unsuccessful selfies and a successful stole

  1. Wow! I am in awe of your Cold Mountain Stole! That lace work is stunning. Are you slightly weirded out that we are at the same point on our sweaters without knowing how the other was going until now too? It’s pretty freaky in that whole “we could totally be knitting soul mates” kinda way.

  2. I think it is safe to say that we ARE knitting soul mates. This is just further proof.

    And thank you – it is a beautiful spring day here today, so I think I might take the Cold Mountain out for a spin…

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