In the sea of green…

We are nearing the end of the first month of our Sambuca challenge! What a sentance… I am pleased to report that my progress to date has moved to well and truly past the stage of mere swatching and into the realms of almost sweater looking.


Which brings me to fact that I have no idea how to take photos of sweaters whilst wearing them…



Thankfully my occasionally better, occasionally not half was around.


Ta da! Back shot! But I can’t be bothered to crop out the clean and not so clean dishes. That will teach me to just ask for a few simple photos taken without specifying whereabouts in the house to do so.

Moving right along, a few things about this sweater so far, I was intending to knit up the smallest size which, in hindsight was a bit silly since it would have almost no ease, but when I got to the point where I should have started to divide off the sleeves it was ridiculously tiny in both width and length. It was at this point that I thought “bugger that, I’ll just keep on increasing every other round until it fits.” And this was precisely what I did. Only problem was, the majority of my knitting time on this sweater has been in transit and I may not have been trying it on as diligently as I went along. Funny how the prospect of stopping my knitting to try it on in the middle of a crowded train never really won out over the desire to just keep on knitting to fill in time on a long commute…

So now I’m thinking it may be a little big as seen across the back above. A little bit of extra ease is not such a bad thing, but I’m starting to worry that my Sambuca may turn into this upon a bit of blocking. Luckily I’m more of a tighter knitter so hopefully that pesky superwash won’t pull too many punches, right?! And yes Yarn Harlot I most certainly did do a swatch and washed and blocked it, but quite possibly not up to the standards of techknitter. Quite timely the harlot’s post I must say, or is the knitting universe trying to give me a big smack-your-head-open hint?

Oh dear…

Can I just say that the YKW?? blog above has got to be one of the best damn blogs out there and although it may be past the point of recent death and into well established decay, it is well worth going through the 18 month or so archive if in ever need of a laugh. But best not to look at it in public because you will possibly start a fit of hysterical laughter that can not be properly explained to a non knitter.

Ok enough gushing, here is further evidence that Cleo is demonspawn:


“What, you didn’t honestly think I would respect the Mac that may or may not be regularly backed up, did you?”



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