Herein lies my strengths and weaknesses

A swatch is not a jumper

It’s now seven days into Sambuca Semester and the above swatch is the sum of my progress to date. Now slow and steady still crosses the line, but I am a sock girl at heart. Emma, on the other hand, is truly a cardigan and sweater sort of girl. She cranks out these wonderful and woolly upper body delights like nobodies business and I just fumble along swatching, starting, ripping back, starting again and ripping back.I kid you not, oh the tale I could tell you of my stalling Gabriela.

One of the big knitting bloggers, I think it must have been Knitting to Stay Sane, wrote that when starting to learn how to knit, she made sure to knit a sweater within the first few finished objects so that she wouldn’t develop a fear of them later on down the track. Well, I went down that path with socks, having fallen hard for Cookie A’s Knit. Sock. Love.  (Go on, I dare you to take a look at her work and not start lusting after a pair or two…) It’s not that I’m afraid to knit a sweater, but the sheer size of it and the fact that it’ll be a highly visible end product that should fit properly as intended makes it more daunting then a pair of socks or a scarf and I am my own worst enemy when it comes to making progress on things. I’m hoping that this project with Emma will help give me the momentum I need to finish my Sambuca and finally get past the sweater dreads.

So onwards and upwards, I think I have the right tension and needle size, but maybe I should waste more time play around with that and do a couple more just to be on the safe side… Don’t be fooled by the image either, I only gently blocked but my middle pins must have been a bit dodgey. For my sweater I’m using this lush emerald green superwash merino as the base and for my three colours I have a buttery yellow, marigold orange and fushia pink merino. All together they look like some sort of fruity sorbet! Yes, it may have been a stinking hot day when I purchased it all from Morris and Sons Melbourne and the staff there were more than helpful with colour advice too.


Delicious yarn goodness! The pink is more purple-ish pink than the neon pink hue of the photo. I am a little worried about the drape factor, or lack thereof with using 100 % merino as opposed to an alpaca blend but I think it’ll still be a fun, warm sweater to brighten up a cold day.

This weekend has for me heralded a sad truth in many knitters world though.


I have my first hole in a hand knit sock. This is the heel of one of my favourite pairs of socks. I’m not sure when this hole started, but the other heel is showing early stages of disintegration as well. We all know that like first crushes, socks aren’t forever but I thought I still had plenty of time with these… I had used a thicker yarn on my regular needles so the knitting was more dense, surely this was a strong foundation for a lasting relationship!? I hardly ever abuse them by encasing them inside a shoe for long hours at a time or by washing them too often. I also monitored the soles and toes constantly and I must say the stitches there look as good as new, there’s no pilling anywhere! What did I do to deserve this separation?!

Well dear readers no reason to deny it, it was me, all me and my strong walk leading with my heels. So I’m left with two options, either teach the socks a lesson by chopping the toes and heels off thereby converting them into leg warmers or coax them back into submission by darning up the holes. Maybe I can spend time doing that instead of starting my sweater…

And just in case you thought I was solely a crazy sock lady…


Quinces have come back in season at my local fruit and veg shop! Admittedly, these are a little sad and bruised in places but QUINCES!!! Guess I had better start clearing some space in the freezer for these babies, I mean eating last years left overs I no longer need to obsessively hoard over.


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