We did it! We finished our first project, with excellent results!

I have not photographed my finished socks on my feet for several reasons.

1. It is really hard to take fancy photos of your socks when they are on your own feet.

2. Feet kind of gross me out, and I don’t want to put photos of my feet on the internet.

So, here are the socks, blocked and poorly focused on my kitchen table.


Now, we move onto March/April/May’s project. We’ve given ourselves a bit longer because jumpers are big. Although, not that big and these are on pretty big needles.

The pattern is Sambuca by Thea Coleman. We chose it because it has a bit of colourwork and looks so comfy and warm. Of course, by the time we finish this project it’ll be summer in Denmark… but Melina should get some good wear out of it this year.

I bought the recommended yarn, Valley Yarns Stockbridge, which I ordered from the US. I thought this might save me some money, as it is really well priced and so pretty. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account the import tax, the tax on the import tax (not joking) and handling fees of getting it shipped to Denmark. That cost almost as much as the entire bag of yarn.



So, that was a sad moment. But then I opened the bag and was happy again. Because look! Look at it!


So squooshy and soft. There is something really delightful about holding an armful of alpaca blend hanks. No one can be sad when there is a huge pile of wool on their kitchen table. My colour scheme is shades of blue. Maybe not the most adventurous, but I think it will be pretty. The colours chosen are Colonial Blue for the main body, Deep Teal is the darker highlight, Stone Blue for the lighter highlight and Natural.

It has been really hard to have these lying around and not start the project already. I’ve been petting them every time I walk past. Though, it does occur to me that as much as I love getting yarn in hanks, I have to wind every single one of them into balls by hand. BY HAND.


I am ever so slightly less enamoured with them now.

So, because today is Official Sambuca Starting Day, I have swatched like the good little knitter that I am and am waiting anxiously for it to dry.



Happy Sambuca Day!


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