Fleshed out Jaywalkers and questions posed.

And so I keep my word.

What a snazzy pair of socks

What a snazzy pair of socks

Well, sort of since these actually got worn to bed last night, so I may be a little behind in showing off the glory that these are. But what can I say!? If I have cold feet at night I can’t sleep and we had the most amazing cool change come through, so naturally….

Actually, if it wasn’t for the need to sleep in socks, I probably wouldn’t have much use for hand knit socks- yes I am a staunch ballet flat fan, yet I love knitting socks so much! This may explain why I frequently gift my hand knit socks. Hang on, amend that, I also use my knitted socks to help break in new shoes, alas said use was not put into place last week and my feet still look like a war zone!

Enough of foot talk and maybe on to the closely related foot in mouth, I fear I am in a dangerous situation. Emma and I have until the end of the month before our next project begins, which by the way if any readers would like to join in on it’s the amazing Sambuca by the very talented Thea Colman. So in this lull, I clearly need to be knitting some thing, you lot clearly wish to be reading about some knitting progress, and I also have some birthdays looming in the distance of March. So you can see where this is going, right?

Now, these birthday candidates can probably make an educated guess as to what they will be receiving and they may or may not have heard me blab about this here little blog. But, I ask you, will posting some pretty in progress pictures ruin the surprise or am I just delusional in thinking there was any surprise at all? Or worse still, can you and I live with myself here on this blog if I start the gift, post details of it up but not finish it in enough time? Now before you ask how likely this last scenario is, let’s just say one such giftee is still waiting on a dress I promised her I would sew for her birthday last year. Yes I am a bad friend at times.

I shall leave you to consider this situation while I just make myself comfortable.

Don't mind if I put my nice and cosy feet up?

Don’t mind if I put my nice and cosy feet up?

My current sip of heaven is this bloody-expense-but-oh-so-worth-it-when-you-reuse-the-teabag-ten-times-so-not-kidding white tea from tea forte called White Ginger Pear and it is amazing!


One thought on “Fleshed out Jaywalkers and questions posed.

  1. Well, I say post the pictures… but that’s because I want to see the pretty things and am totally selfish. Your socks are amazing. Mine are still exactly as shown in the last picture. I am a disgrace.

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