Sock envy and audiobooks

So… my socks are not finished and artfully photographed. Not even close. In fact, they are extremely unfinished and hastily photographed on my kitchen table.



My knitting time has been otherwise commandeered this week, as some of my family are visiting me in Copenhagen. My quiet evenings are now not so quiet, (which is lovely). I have given up on commute knitting as well. Turns out, knitting with double pointed needles on a bus in an enormous winter coat is extremely difficult.

What I have been doing is listening to audiobooks. I usually knit while I listen, but I also “read” on the bus in the mornings when it is too dark to actually read. I’m on “To Say Nothing Of The Dog” by Connie Willis, which is amazing but dangerous because it makes me laugh, which alerts my co-workers to the fact that I may not be giving my graphs my full attention.  I saw this article today on Book Riot, which has audiobook suggestions for different knitting projects. I have no idea who is knitting a scarf in 5-6 hours though… Melina, probably.

If knitting to audiobooks is your thing, there is a marvellous Humble Bundle this week that has lots of audiobooks for whatever price you want to pay for them.

Now, I have socks to catch up on…


One thought on “Sock envy and audiobooks

  1. I am with you on the audiobook and knitting combo! I feel confident in my transit now to chuck some headphones on and listen to a book. I’m currently up to the second in George R. R. Martin’s series, we’ll see how I go with it once I overtake the tv show. However, that cheeky link above has now got me thinking about knitting that pair of tracksuit pants and I have never thought about knitting pants before!!

    Move to the joys of the magic loop and you be able to knit in transit once more!

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