When finishing is not enough.

Jaywalkers taunting me with their wearability

Jaywalkers taunting me with their wearability

Most knitters will probably agree that one of the main reasons knitters knit is so they can wear and cherish the finished item. So why am I not cranking up the air con to proudly show off my finished pair of Jaywalkers? Is it a clash of colours with the rest of my outfit? A need to sadistically punish myself by waiting a certain allotment of time before wearing the heck out of ’em? Or is it that dreaded of dreadedness – are they too small to actually try on?

Is there anything more alluring or demure?

Is there anything more alluring or demure?

No dear readers, it is something much more graver than all of the above. You see I desperately want to try these on for you but a sinister and cruel intervention of fate has occurred. I cannot try on these objects of beauty because my feet are covered in blisters and weeping wounds. I would post a photo, but alas I wouldn’t want to gross you out or encourage a certain demograph to lurk this blog. Before you go there, no, said blisters and wounds weren’t obtained in some kinky manner, it was merely a result of new shoes and hot weather not playing nicely together.

Zig-zag-ing away!

Zig-zag-ing away!

Onto the details, these socks knit up pretty quick, there were only a few major rip backs and these were fairly early on in the peace. There’s a lot of talk around the neighbourhood about this pattern, some people complain about the end result being too tight, but if you throw everything that you know about sock knitting out the window i.e how many stitches you normally cast on, and simply trust the instructions then this pattern is a walk in the park. Or shall we say a cheeky illegal walk across the road…? If in doubt go up a size. Mine are admittedly a bit tight and I had to do the equivalent of the tight jeans dance to get the sock past the heel for the photo in the previous post.

These took about three weeks to knit up with most of that knitting done in 50 minute bursts on the train to and from uni with the odd telly session thrown in for good measure. Emma gave me two hanks of gepard, each hank was 50 g and I had 10 g left over from each one. I probably could have made my socks a little taller but I wanted a single colour for the heel and since I normally knit toe up I haven’t quite got the hang of working out the bare minimum needed for a foot yet. I also wanted them to be exactly matching, however my second hank  started at a different point in the colour pattern but that was easily fixed.

When my battle wounds heal I’ll definitely chuck these zig-zag-y bad boys on and get snappy happy. In the meantime though, I think I’ll pick up some larger needles and make some progress on a few knitted gifts that have deadlines somewhere in the not to distant future.


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