Notes on how to handle heat gracefully

Whilst Emma has snow, here in the land down under we’re currently experiencing a heat wave.

Melbourne Heat wave

Since it’s only the second day of a week long roasting, I thought I would make a list of how to cope with said heat in order to convince myself I’m ok with it and also to refer back to when I’m suffering a bout of confusion from heat exhaustion.

Distract yourself with physical non heat related observations


1. Get up early to beat the heat/catch a train on a disreputable line. Today’s train ride in at 7 am was most pleasant, the train wasn’t that busy and the weather was nice . After ogling Emma’s picture of snow I settled in for some knitting time and realised our Jaywalker colourway was matching some of the graffiti. On the way home, the weather was not so nice, but being the Frankston line, the train is hardly ever crowded so dealing with sweaty frotters and underarm BO  was not an issue.

2. Choose a workplace with strictly controlled environments. Working in a lab may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to admit the rigorously monitored environment is awesome. Until the property and campus services decide to cut the air con to the rest of the building (read: student offices) because the cooling system can’t handle it all.

Definition of a well stocked freezer

Definition of a well stocked freezer

3. Make sure your home is well stocked with refreshments. Zooper Doopers. Enough said. And for the curious snoops out there the frozen fruit clockwise starting on the top shelf are morello cherries, poached rhubarb and strawberries, poached apricot with cardamom, and finally more pitted morello cherries. Poached quinces are stacked in the bottom behind the others.

I may be tempting fate but I’m hopeful I can finish the first sock by Thursday even if the weather stays above 40 for the rest of the week.

Not quite a leg warmer but not yet a sock...

Not quite a leg warmer but not yet a sock…


One thought on “Notes on how to handle heat gracefully

  1. I am full of jealousy towards your freezer. Also your sock looks way better than mine… how is that possible? They’re the same socks!

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